The Book of Eli Reopened

The Book of El

In The Book of Eli, Denzel Washington, is a man who can best be described as a violent pacifist. He’s on a mission, following a voice he doesn’t fully understand but is completely devoted to. Like the prophets of old he has taken what seems to be the last Bible on earth and carried itRead more

Pennsylvania – A Review

Pennsylvania 10_05_14

Jedediah Troyer wants out – out of a complicated world that fears his simple ways. The only hope for the life he loves is to accept his despotic government’s offer to migrate to a new land of opportunity. It is a place that offers inexpensive, good farming land – on a distant planet called NewRead more

Characters Open the Mystery Box

Characters 10_01_14

Writers and readers are often asked, “What draws you into a story more, the action or the characters?” If you say it’s the characters, many will guess that you like chick flicks, Amish romance, and historical fiction. Answer action, and one might assume that characters have nothing to do with why some movies or storiesRead more

A Look at Dowton Abbey through the Eyes of the Walking Dead

Dowton Abbey through the Eyes of the Walking Dead

Daring to Look at Dowton Abbey through the Eyes of the Walking Dead I have often asked how Dowton Abbey and The Walking Dead can garner many of the same viewers. A friend of mine cleared up The Walking Dead part up for me a bit when she said she like TWD because it isn’tRead more

Conflicted Characters Make for Great – Conflict.

Conflcted 09_20_14

I tend to gravitate toward conflicted characters, and a character who is exploring chaos theory and population control and the difficulties of love and family is pretty rich. Ed Stoppard If there ever was a town that could be cast as the classic conflicted character in a movie or novel my adopted home town ofRead more