Seeing the Silo Through the Eyes of a Child

The Last Prayer 07_03_14

At that moment a distant thundering of steps challenged the blaring horn and eventually gained the upper hand. The four who were standing in the open room turned to the stairwell and watched as a few individuals, then dozens, and finally scores of work-vested sweepers enter the commons area. Men and women, young and old,Read more

The Walking Dead, Truth and Smaizdat

Samizdat materials were created on  portable typewriters because on the KGB  was allowed to use larger ones.

WHO KNOWS WHAT the word Samizdat means? The odds are great that the average American has no idea. To begin with, there are several marks against it: it’s Russian and therefore written in a non-Western alphabet, for those who do know the language it harkens back to a depressing era many would rather forget, andRead more

Friday Friends – Sibella Giorello

Friday Friends

WE HAVE CHATTED on more than one occasion and she never missed my obvious southern heritage. Sibella’s Raliegh Harmon series has given many readers a great journey. Her latest installment goes back to when Raliegh was fifteen. Stone and Spark is great read for young minds and hearts of all ages. Learn More About SibellaRead more

This is your Brain on the Internet

Brain 06_09_14

Try reading a book while doing a crossword puzzle; that’s the intellectual environment of the Internet. Nicholas Carr, first raised warning flags about the effect of the Internet on our thought processes with an article for The Atlantic in July 2008. His main concern in Is Google making us stupid? was the effect relying onRead more

Martin Luther King Walked my Way

Martin Luther King

“LOOK AT THEM SON – they sure know how to enjoy life more than most of us. We could learn a lot from them.” My mother smiled and looked back at me as though I should cherish that piece of wisdom. As for me, I just watched through the back windshield of our Dodge DartRead more