Why I Write

Why I write

Thank you Lisa Mikitarian for inviting  me to be a part of the “Writing About Writing” Blog Tour. I only had to answer four “simple” questions. She offered a free set of Ginsu knives but I told her I might hurt myself with them so she could pass them on to someone else. Here are herRead more

Post a Review in Five Minutes or Less


Reviews are important for a number of reasons: they give you a chance to let others know what you thought of a book – good, bad or indifferent, and they let others know the book exists. That’s right reviews increase the visibility of a book especially on Amazon. The Source has been available for aRead more

It’s Here!

Read Online

It’s a story that began to be written 25 years ago, long before I ever set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Now, at last, I can quit promising The Source is soon to be available because it now is.  My novel can be read online here or purchased from Amazon. Don’t have aRead more

Finding Redemption in spite of Shawshank


“Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Do not let the title of this article fool you; when Andy Dufresne speaks those words near the end of the film version of Shawshank Redemption my popcorn spills all over the floor as I cheer. LikeRead more

Seeing the Silo Through the Eyes of a Child

The Last Prayer 07_03_14

At that moment a distant thundering of steps challenged the blaring horn and eventually gained the upper hand. The four who were standing in the open room turned to the stairwell and watched as a few individuals, then dozens, and finally scores of work-vested sweepers enter the commons area. Men and women, young and old,Read more