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“Jackson Barrett has many problems. The biggest is an unwillingness or inability to work with others. His personal quest in this story is to overcome this problem while solving a puzzle from his father while protecting Manny Fox and others. This is a well paced thriller that gives the reader a chance to see beyond ordinary responses toward those with autism and other non-standard ways of communicating and working. The story does highlight the importance of mental puzzles as being good for children and an aid to helping the future adult be better equipped for our world. I would look forward to the next installment.” –  TN in GA

“Very thought provoking read. Subtle twists and turns abound and always keep you trying to guess what will happen next. I do hope there is more to follow as I am wanting to get a clearer picture of the overall story. In all I enjoyed this read and it has left me wanting more…what else could be better?” – Michael in FL

“Will Jackson Barrett’s, an FBI agent, obsession and determination to unlock the secrets his father took to the grave save or destroy the one he only knows as ~~ THE SOURCE? T.E. George is truely a gifted writer and The Source is well written with many twists and turns that intrigue and captivate the reader so that you do not want to put it down. It may be a work of fiction but it makes you wonder how true it could be. I look forward to The Source 2.” – S. Faatz in PA

“This is a well written book with an excellent plot and some wonderful characters. It made me stop and think on more than one occasion, but it held my interest all the way through and I was sorry when it ended. This is definitely an author to follow.” -Fren in the UK

“The Source is an intriguing book that captivates the reader with many twists and turns which makes it difficult to put down. Can’t wait for t.e. George to write his next book! Kudos to him for providing an enjoyable weekend of reading.” Larry in SC

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t.e. (Tim) George has seen and lived many stories in his life. As a freelance commercial writer, he helps clients tell the story of what they do. As a ghost writer, he helps people tell the story that matter most to them. But it is as a novelist that he writes stories for who matter most – you, the reader. Tim’s latest novella, Only Time, is available now at
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