Pennsylvania – A Review

Pennsylvania by Michael BunkerJedediah Troyer wants out – out of a complicated world that fears his simple ways. The only hope for the life he loves is to accept his despotic government’s offer to migrate to a new land of opportunity. It is a place that offers inexpensive, good farming land – on a distant planet called New Pennsylvania.

After years in stasis, Jed finally arrives at this new land, this new planet, of freedom where he can return to the “plain” life. But humanity can never escape itself as he quickly learns. The oppressive government agency that allowed him to migrate is even more controlling than back on earth. A determined insurgency is intent on making that government release its grip on the colonists. And caught between are a people, who like Jed, only desire to be left alone so they can live in peace.

Donovan … wanted out. Jed had to wonder … isn’t out a primal desire? Isn’t out a destination found in the heart of every man and woman?

In Pennsylvania, author Michael Bunker gives the reader what many say cannot be done. He offers a rousing tale of adventure and discovery that unapologetically is grounded in his own personal and very real worldview. Bunker doesn’t hide that he has personally chosen the same kind of life that his main character, Jed, yearns for.

At the same time, the reader is not manipulated into accepting any one view point. Jed’s brother has taken a very different and difficult path. Those intent on ensuring this young man realizes his simple and pacifist lifestyle are willing to fight to the death so that he and others like him can have it.

This is a story written on many levels. There are all the mysteries and wonders of interstellar travel, intrigue of shadowy conspiracies, and the struggle for control between competing factions. Beneath the obvious, however, is what happens when everything you know and believe is challenged at its very core.

Welcome to the world of the English, Jed. Almost no one knows what’s real.

In a few days, I’ll be back to take a look the role an author’s world view and basic belief system play in fiction. For now, enjoy Pennsylvania for what it is – an excellent read.


Pennslvania by Michael Bunker
Michael Bunker
is a bestselling author, off-gridder, husband, and father of four children. He lives with his family in a “plain” community in Central Texas, where he reads and writes books…and occasionally tilts at windmills. He is the author of  the WICK series, The Silo Archipelago, the Amish/Sci-Fi work Pennsylvania, as well as many nonfiction works, including the bestseller Surviving Off Off-Grid.

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