Note to myself – Shut Up and Write!

Deborah Livesey

OKAY, I CONFESS. There are times I allow myself to think about myself until myself convinces me there’s a valid reason for not getting more words out. You see, I’m a writer by nature and an author who hitched a ride a little late on the whole indie/self-published bandwagon.

The front wheel of my magic age dial hit a 6 a few months ago (yes, as in 60). I am the chief caregiver for my 93-year-old mother, having a fun time with my own medical issues, and limping alongside my best friend of 42 years as she battles numerous health issue of her own. Poor me.

A while back, Gina Conroy invited me to write something for her website, then named Writer Interrupted. Now here I am, six years later and I could just as easily reprint that blog article and add, Still Interrupted

Lest I lose you before this thing gets below the fold, this article isn’t about me. Well, it started out that way, but looking in the mirror, a still small voice from within, and the story of a woman named Deborah Livesey, put the brakes on that.

Deborah Livesey


Essentially, Livesey’s beautiful mind — one that creates stories about a daughter dealing with the pains of her past and the repercussions in the present — is trapped in a frail and increasingly uncooperative body … Today, she is unable to speak, having lost control over her vocal chords a few years ago. Only her left hand remains hers to control, which means she must sign individual American Sign Language letters rather than entire words, which can require two hands to communicate. Yet word by word, sentence by sentence and chapter by chapter, Livesey was able to get out this semi-autobiographical fictional story with the help of a trusted friend. You see, Deborah has multiple sclerosis and so do I. 

I found Deborah through an accidental Google search while having a private pity party at the infusion center one fine Wednesday. How is a guy supposed to become a successful author sitting here with a needle in his arm I said to myself.

But then I come across Deborah Livesey, signing out her memoir one letter at a time with her one good hand as a friend labors to get all it down.  Needless to say, thanks to this amazing author, I made a note to myself …

Shut up and write!



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