• I posted about this a little while ago. In short I have some hangups about collecting non-physical things. I keep a lot of my books for my kid (soon to be kidS), and handing over computer files which may or may not be obsolete when the time comes feels very anticlimactic.

    • Your post is a good one. From those in the know that I talk with the future looks more like a melding of eBook and POD much like Jeff Gerke’s format at Marcher Lord Press. Some already published authors are moving toward offering a novel first in e format and then following up with print versions for a developed fan based. Just as paper backs did not kill hard backs, eBooks will not kill print. But they are a game changer and in my estimation for the better.

      • “But they are a game changer and in my estimation for the better.”

        I would agree. I’m starting to see them as complimentary to print books instead of antagonizing them. The same has happened and is happening with the music industry. MP3 and portable players changed physical CDs (and vinyl!) but hasn’t killed it off. There’s still a demand.

  • Jenny

    After 11 years of struggle, I have just received an offer from a major house. It was a dream come true. But because of the advent–groundswell–of indie publishing, it was also something I thought about. I think that traditional publisher can offer an enormous advantage. But I agree that not many authors are accorded that advantage–and that this means many good books are getting missed or overlooked. My hope is that both indie and trad publishing will live alongside each other, each with their pros and cons, and each being best suited to different types of books, or even different stages of an author’s career.

    As for reading–I read print. I love books, and bookstores. But I’m very glad e readers are there for so many people who read more, better, happier this way!

    • Congrats on signing for your novel! It seems the indies are taking the place of what would have been mid to lower list authors of generation ago.

  • Shawn Lamb

    Nice. You took a different angle, but the result is the same – the world of publishing is changing.  I never thought I would self-publish my books. When finally grabbing the brass ring of traditional, I was ready to ride to get off the merry-go-round of submission and on to the real journey of being an author.  Oh, how naive I was! Now, I don’t know that I will ever go back to traditional.

    • @379ed5f71523625273a26d533d48439c:disqus  Where can we find you novels Shawn?