• Hoomi

    Film cameras and typewriters are fast fading away. When I started at the Bomb
    Factory thirty years ago, typewriters were still an essential accessory in every
    office. Now, I think I would be hard-pressed to find one among the several
    thousand employees at this site. Kodak, one of the oldest names in photography,
    announced recently that it will quit making Kodachrome film. The digital
    photography revolution has so dominated the market, that it just isn’t
    economically feasible to manufacture film any longer.


    The last few churches we’ve visited, the Pastor did not have a print, bound
    Bible with him. His sermon notes and Scripture references were all on a notepad
    computer. It’s more convenient, I’m sure, but it seems so strange to not see the
    old fashioned, well-worn Bible in the preacher’s hands.

  • Catrina

    We (my husband) pays the bills with a check, an envelope and a stamp. Then he reconciles the checkbook with a calculator and a pen. (Crazy, I know. :))  We also have (and use) our landline phone.  We mainly watch network TV or PBS,  and read we the paper (the paper paper) every day. My pastor preaches from a real Bible and we sing from a hymnal. We must live in the dark ages here.

    I do have a Kindle, but we also buy real books all the time. The Kindle is great for freebies and traveling light (until it dies and you didn’t bring a single book. I was very grateful to the Gideons on our recent vacation – I didn’t even pack my Bible because I had one on my Kindle).

    More changes – music! We actually buy CDs, and have never purchased one from I-tunes. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if digital downloaded albums were the only option in a few decades.

    • @aa5385a2b83af575c9757c9702bd2968:disqus You had better think a shorter time frame than a few decades on CDs, CAT.  And, you must have the wrong brand of eReader if it hasn’t converted you yet 😀

      • Catrina

        Well, I hope they still sell recordable CD’s then! (So our friends with I-tunes can make cds for us.)

      • Catrina

        Forgot to say — I think a NOOK will be on my wish-list for Christmas.

  • Still pay bills with a check, have a landline and rarely use my cell phone which my husband insisted I have, watch network TV until the summer (although mostly one channel) when cable channels feature some good series, don’t read the newspaper anymore only because it’s a leftwing rag (but my husband still reads his morning paper in the evening).

    Don’t write the letters so much anymore, do send cards occasionally, and, yeah, I know our privacy is a thing of the past for the most part.