The Long and Short of Writing

J. K. ROWLING MAY HAVE single-handedly resurrected the long novel for both young and not so young readers. Before Harry Potter worked his magic, the idea of a fifth grader reading a 784-page book over one weekend was unimaginable. Unless you include me reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Empire one Saturday but there were extenuating […]

Solomon Shereshevsk and the Curse of the Irrelavant

SOLOMON SHERESHEVSK could not forget anything. What many think of as a blessing, he often saw as a curse. He learned the hard way that having total recall is not all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong – knowing too little is not a good thing. However, like poor Solomon, we can […]

Blue Nights and the Gloaming Time of the Election

Why I’ll wake up to the bright light of hope on November 9th. The Scotch-Irish had a word they adopted and made their own called “the gloaming.” The word is derived from the Old English glomung, translated as dusk or twilight. But true to their nature, my ancestors got good economy from the word and […]

Note to myself – Shut Up and Write!

OKAY, I CONFESS. There are times I allow myself to think about myself until myself convinces me there’s a valid reason for not getting more words out. You see, I’m a writer by nature and an author who hitched a ride a little late on the whole indie/self-published bandwagon. The front wheel of my magic […]