• Brandilyn

    Tim, thanks! The jail is in Bay Springs. Not much left of Paulding these days. And BTW, don’t worry-we’ll send you an ARC of that manuscript too when the time comes. Blessings.

  • Catrina

    Thanks, Brandilyn – I’m looking forward to reading “Over the Edge”. It sounds like it could help people who struggle with any demon disease.

  • This is purely for the six-degrees- separation deal. Brandilyn’s next novel is set in Jasper County, Mississippi with a county seat in Bay Springs. When I was in college I surveyed the conditions of every single home in the county. And my wife’s sister was married to a man who pastored there. Can’t wait to see what Brandilyn cooks up for us.

  • Dyoderoo5

    Having experienced a mystery illness myself since 2007, I can relate! Looking forward to reading this novel.

  • Amy

    Thanks Tim and Brandilyn! My sister has Lyme’s and I have Fibromyalgia and suspect something else as well. I am pleased to see authors broaching this type of disease in their books, to help spread awareness of what we go through everyday, fighting not only the disease but also the disbelief of not only the general public but even of the medical community. Can’t imagine being chased by a bad guy on top of all that. Definitely will be checking out your book!

    • I am sure many more would echo what Amy just said. It’s tough to fight monsters others don’t even believe exist!

  • writingzombie

    As a fellow Mississippian, Tim, I’m also looking forward to reading this book that takes place here! 🙂 I also find the subject of it fascinating and can’t wait to see how Brandilyn works through her plot. As one who has Fibromyalgia and various other “-algias” I totally understand the brain fog thing. At one point I went through a black time when I thought I’d never write again. I couldn’t form a coherent thought, much less put it on paper. But God has worked through the chronic pain to bring me to a place where I know the only reason I’m here is because of Him. Not on my strength, but only on His. Whatever is accomplished through me, the glory is all God’s. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview with a very talented writer! God bless!

  • Angie

    As someone who deals with chronic illness, I know the disbelief that Brandilyn felt when she was reinfected. It’s amazing to me that she was able to continue write and function when she was going through all this. Way to go, Brandilyn!

    I can’t wait to read Over the Edge.